Mr Hubert: Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Mr Cago: I am Cagdas Bozman, CTO at Origin Labs and a member of the core Team of Dune Network.
Dune Network is a novel platform for distributed applications over a blockchain. It started with its own genesis block on June 24, 2019, but uses an extended version of Tezos, open-source software as a basis to create a new platform with a focus on the easy development of distributed applications, thanks to multiple programming languages and communication technologies with other blockchains.
Dune provides an entire ecosystem of dApps, features, and tools. In addition, it offers business and technical support to help entrepreneurs innovate and scale up via the network, whilst facilitating the integration of established companies on to its platform.

Mr Hubert: I am very pleased that Dune Network has chosen VCM Community to support the project. I'm Hubert as founder of VCM and I'm the host today. We are ready for the first question of the interview:
Question 1.
Dune started life as an airdrop to Tezos holders last year. Why did you do things this way rather than hold an ICO/IEO event?

Mr Cago: Our development team were heavily involved in the early stage development of the Tezos protocol, and we are all big fans of the technology. The politics side of things were less than ideal however. So when Dune was born, the team thought it only right to allow those involved with XTZ to be a part of Dune, should they choose.
We raised funds through private investors at a very early stage - such as the founders of Tinder, VooDoo, Zenly, Meetic, but also funds like Kima venture - we are very realistic about this being a long term development, hence we felt there was no real need for an ICO or any such event which tend to place adverse pressure on development anyway.

Mr Hubert: Yes this is great information. We come to the second question:
What are the main differences between Dune and Tezos, and other smart contract platforms?

Mr Cago: We have a good explanation online :
While both are LdPOS systems which started life as the same open-source software, we've been busy building since day one.
We’ve added baker account management tools to avoid over delegation, permissioning for private blockchain deployment, a significantly improved storage layer in IronMin, there is Dune Metal, our Metamask style browser wallet, the list goes on!
In terms of smart contracts Dune Network offers full support for Michelson, which makes us backward compatible with Tezos developments (although this is not the case the other way around), we’re nearing completion of a solidity parser for Solidity contracts to give compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts, and best of we Dune is the only Blockchain to have Love :) !

Mr Hubert: I think this is also a strong point of the project. Everyone will love it. Next Question:
For those who aren't familiar with LdPOS, how does it work and what are the returns?

Mr Cago: LdPOS is similar to POS, except as the title implies, your funds remain liquid and in your control.
It means that, for those who cannot set up their own "baking" infrastructure, they can outsource the task to another, and still enjoy the rewards. Rewards are set at ~14% per annum at present, which will be reviewed as the percentage of coins staking on the network increases of course.

Mr Hubert: Well surely this is the answer that everyone expected. Next question:
Why did you develop Dune Love Lang?

Mr Cago: in Layman's terms, Michelson is very secure, but highly unreadable. Solidity is the opposite, easily readable but lacking security. Love is a language at the precipice of the two.

Mrs Ben: You can read more about Love here :)

Mr Hubert: This is a good project indeed. I felt loved it more.
Next question:
What has been built on top of Dune so far?

Mr Cago: Our most recent showcase launch is over at It uses a Love language based smart contract OnChainAlea to randomise the outcome of a simple rock paper scissors game (and moonshot recently), and interacts with our metamask style browser wallet, Dune Metal.

Mr Hubert: Tks your answer 😍. Next question:
There has been talk of a Dune /BTC sidechain. Why are you doing this and how far along far you?

Mr Cago: BTC is here to stay in our opinion. It is so important to crypto, and the world as a whole, going forward that we believe any long-term project should be looking to extend and work with the BTC network rather than compete against it. We are not the only team bringing smart contracts to BTC but we are the first to bring Love to BTC.

Mr Hubert: This is really interesting information. I think people have come to understand the project. Let's go to the next question.
Are there any other future Dev plans you can tell us about?

Mr Cago: Where to start! One particular project I'm excited about is Dune Folding, a community led initiative to play a role in helping aid the Covid19 crisis and many other conditions affecting lives across the world. We’ve recently launched Dune playground and more project are coming.

Mrs Ben: I've been testing Dune Folding myself recently and it's really great. Solving real world problems and it doesn't even affect the perfromance of my pc at all :)

Mr Hubert: Wow great 🤩. Tks your answer.
In terms of tokenomics, Dune have been having a “progressive coin burn” since January. Could you explain this more?

Mr Cago: The idea was driven as a community initiative in short.
With airdrops there are often unclaimed coins, and many of our community had concerns about the effect these have on the network in the long term.
After much thought, we decided the best way to ensure our early supporters are protected and rewarded was to slowly reduce the amount of coins sat in dormant addresses.
So every cycle (roughly 28 days) for those addresses which have not made a delegation or moved their coins since the time of the airdrop, 10% of the balance is burned.

Mr Hubert: Yes a great thing. Let's go to the next question
When do you plan to implement plans for on-chain governance at Dune?

Mr Cago: September is a massive milestone for us !
With the implementation of the Dune Council and on-chain governance we will be handing over the reins of control to the Dune community.
The council will affect and make key decisions on the future of the network. We’ve a lot of work to do before then, but for us it is a vital part of the future of Dune.

Mr Hubert: Tks your answer. The last question in Part 1.
What is Dunes connection with The Garage?
We founded it! Interoperability is so important to the future of our industry, and in terms of investing in our collective long term vision, we felt it absolutely necessary to give Crypto a physical location in the heart of Paris, our home.
The Garage is blockchain agnostic, others working from the space do not have to use Dune as a solution, but for those who do we are on hand to offer guidance and support, and also to learn from what others are doing of course! So far we have two dozen start ups, working on all sorts of unique ideas to bring blockchain to the mainstream!

Mrs Ben: Heres the link if you've not heard of the Garage yet all :)

Part 2

Alejandro Urich, [19.06.20 15:22]

• What is the difference between Dune Wallet and Metal? Do they have the same function or does one have more advantages? Which one do you recommend to use?

Metal is not just another browser wallet. It is the gateway to the decentralized web. It aims to make dApp development easier by allowing dApp developer to delegate the account managing to Metal. Hence Metal provides an API that is injected in the web page. DApp developers can use this API to interact with your account (via notification) and with the blockchain (send operations).

Also Dune Wallet is a fork of a Tezos wallet which is not maintained anymore. While we provide the necessary maintainance, it won’t receive new tools available in Metal wallet.

secondhandedrobe, [19.06.20 15:20]

Explain more about DUNE LOVE

Well, the smart contract language inherited from Tezos, Michelson, offers safety guarantees but is rather unreadable. Hence we decided to create Love, a language that offers strong safety guarantees and is stored on the blockchain in a readable fashion.

The language itself is inspired by the functional programming language OCaml, that its used to develop Dune. More info here:



Anthony, [19.06.20 15:21]

Q1) I have understood that Dune don’t want overtake BTC Instead of that want to work together with him as Sidechain, so How DUNE can BOOST UP Bitcoin?

Q2) What is the contribution of DUNE in terms of PRIVACY and ANONYMITY ? Dune is able to work With these features?

DBTC is a token on Dune, so you can use it, transfer, etc. with a smart-contract written in Love (or Michelson orSolidity), benefiting from the expressiveness and security that only Dune provides. Then, you can switch the DBTC back to Bitcoin 1-to-1. Dune has also features for privacy and anonymity: on the public net, there is an implementation of zksnark coming, that will allow completely private and anonymous transfers; on private nets, we are implementing permissionning and private transactions.

Darth Vader, [19.06.20 15:22]

One of your main milestone of your road map is On-chain Governance in Q3, thereby providing on-chain elections of the Dune Council with the Dune Foundation. How exactly will this work and why do you think this will prevent forks unlike other governance systems currently in place elsewhere?

Dune Council is a group of people, elected on chain, that will decide the roadmap and other key decisions for the network.

Kun Kun 🇻🇳, [19.06.20 15:23]

Are you planning to colaborate even more with big and known investors like Xavier Niel in the future ?

Yes, of course. For now, they are watching the project, seeing if we are delivering what we planned, and I think they should be quite happy. The next step will be to involve them, and more companies we know on the network, but it’s a slow process, we are already working on some very interesting real applications, not just dapps, that will be running on Dune in the next months

Shou 🇻🇳, [19.06.20 15:21]

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, how does Dune help small and medium businesses?

Dune folding, a community led initiative to play a role in helping aid the Covid19 crisis and many other conditions affecting lives across the world. We are ready proud to be be part of this great project.

✳️☀️(¯`*•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:*Jőhńl*.:。.✿`°¤,¸.•*´¯)☀️✳️, [19.06.20 15:21]

DeFi and Dapps are 2 pillars primed to rule cryptocurrencies, what’s Dune Network strategy to DeFi and Dapps?

Of course, DEFI is a hot topic and so is very important for us too. Because Dune brings confidence and security, we hope to see DEFI applications choose Dune over less secure platforms and other as-secure but less accessible ones. Origin Labs is working hard, not only on the code, but also on finding projects that will be deployed on Dune

secondhandedrobe, [19.06.20 15:22]


There is several options to become a validator in Dune Network. You can read an extensive documentation here :


Delice, [19.06.20 15:21]

Could you tell us some major Competitive advantages of Dune Network? How Dune Smart Contracts are more Secure than any other Platform?

By design, Dune Network’s smart contracts languages eliminate a wide range of bugs and attacks that may occur in eg. Solidity and EVM like reentrancy.

Bach Tuyet, [19.06.20 15:21]

Dune can also be seen as a mix between the best features of the Tezos (robustness), Ethereum, (expressivity), Quorum (privacy) and Bitcoin (security). With so many advanced features, will Dune have a competitor to me? Do you have a specific plan to make your feature better?

Dune indeed packs a lot of state-of-the-art and recent advances in blockchains in a single project. There might be a fork of Dune someday! The upcoming features we are most excited about is the new Bitcoin side-chain and everything the projects brings to make safe smart contracts accessible. Keep tuned for news on scalability, privacy and finality :)

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