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BikeRush is a Ride-To-Earn health and fitness DAPP

Users equipped with Bikes move outdoors to earn tokens.
The project aims to inspire millions of people to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Question 1. What makes the BikeRush project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Bikerush advocate a healthier life and encourage millions of people to go outdoors,choose a natural, green and low-carbon lifestyle. Earn tokens by cycling.

Bike is the most effective whole-body aerobics. less harm to the human body compared with other ways. The speed range is from 3 to 40 kilometers per hour, perfectly covering all kinds of people from walking, jogging, running and cycling.

Question 2. Who are some business partners/clients for BIKERUSH?

Our partners come from some investment institutions, funds and media, like Negentropy Capital, LinkVC, BlockBeats,etc. Our customers are millions of runners, riders, and sports clubs around the world.

Question 3. What are the memorable milestones of BIKERUSH in the research and development process?

The airdrop of Bikerush NFT will start On April 30, and trial operation on May 15

Question 4. What does BikeRush plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Based on a stable tokennomics, good user experience will help us win reputation. Through the invitation and incentive mechanism, users will share this healthy and fashionable lifestyle, so as to attract more users.


#1. What are the exciting milestones in the development of your project? Can you share your plans for the near future?

Recently we have strengthened our anti-cheat system in terms of GPS and gyroscope.

The Bikerush NFT airdrop start at Apr 30, and test version listing on May 15.

#2. I noticed that there are four classes of bikes in BikeRush; the City Bike, Mountain Bike, Road Bike and the Future Bike. How are each of the classifications of bike on your game differs? How would your users know what bike is suitable for their reference?

Our bikes is City Bike 3–8KM,Mountain Bike 6–20KM,Road Bike 8–40KM,Future Bike 6–40 KM.perfectly covering all kinds of people from walking, jogging, running and cycling.

#3. In the face of such fierce competition, what marketing actions will Bike Rush take? It is important to make money in the game, and it is also important to have fun. What measures have been taken to help make the game suitable for everyone?

Now we have free airdrops on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord, and everyone can join it together.




The types of bicycles we set can cover all kinds of people from walking, jogging, running and cycling.

#4. Telegram Konstantin — It’s probably a bit early to ask. But do you have any potential bike brand partnerships planned? Love the project, keep it up. ❤️

Our team is in Europe, and we are already discussing cooperation plans with bicycle brands in several European countries such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

#5. What are the ways I can increase the value and power of the different NFTs in the game? Once this is achieved, what will the player benefit from having the best NFT in the game? Will this increase the likelihood of improved performance or profitability?

Users can get an invitation code when buying a bike in the game. When you invite others to buy every bike in the game, you can get 2% of the invitee’s earnings.


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