Recap AMA Golden Ratio x VCM Community

Segment 1: Q & A

Mr Hubert: Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Mr ROB: Hi Everyone, I’m Rob, I have 25 years experience on online marketing and development. I started the GoldenRatio Token(GRT) project as a community based project without funding. We’ve built up the project from the ground up.

Our project is about community, we left the liquidity in the hands of the community as we didn’t sold any tokens, but gave away almost the full supply. we’re about building together and involving people in the project.

On this AMA i will let most questions be answered by one of our admins @aljhon11 , and two of our community members @Kithkin and @Mayf1 to let them explain why they are involved in our community

Mr Al Jhon: Hey everyone, I’m Aljhon from the Philippines. I’m one of the admins for Golden Ratio. I mostly handle Marketing, Proposals, Social media and Public relations. If you got any good proposals, be sure to dm me. 😁

Been in Crypto for 3 years now and worked with couple projects before as a marketing lead and Sales Representative.
Mr Kith and kin joe: I go by the name @kithkin. I’m from Africa, Nigeria to be precise. I’m relatively new IN crypto, but have had my fingers burnt a lot of times. So when I discovered GRT, I fell in love with the concept

Mr Sweet_memory: Thank you @Pseudo_random
Hello everyone , hey Vietnam .
I’m MAY. I’m from Indonesia , moderator of GRT discord server .

I’m knowing crypto since 2017 , moderation some discord server .

Mr Hubert: Can you introduce the basics of Golden Ration? What makes the Golden Ratio project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Mr Kith and kin joe: Golden Ratio token is a community based token. It promotes the idea of collective ownership. It provides a confluence for all other legitimate projects to rub each others back. The community is made up of developers and admins from other projects and community, who are free to promote their projects in the group

At the moment, I don’t see any other person other project in the same direction of GRT. Almost every other group prohibits discussions about other projects. But GRT does not.

For this reason, it is unique

Mr ROB: We support other projects to work together and also work with them. Together it is easier to achieve our goals.

Mr Hubert: Who are some business partner/clients for Golden Ratio?

Mr Al Jhon: We have about 27 partners, You can check it out here.

Currently working to be a part of Aeryus project’s Marketplace and hopefully to be include on their Chainpayments which you can convert Crypto to Fiat legally in the US.

Mr ROB: we are also very good friends with the coinjanitor project. bsov , and have good contacts in the crypto environment.

Mr Hubert: What are the memorable milestones of Golden Ratio in the research and development process?

Mr Al Jhon: We have 2 major accomplishment we had within the 90 days period.

We got accepted on a online Crypto Casino name Jackpotvilla where you can deposit GRT Tokens and win real money.

We also got accepted as a way of payment and online donation on Cryptocurrencycheckout.

Mr ROB: also an accomplishment is that we have builded up the project without taking money from our community in 90 days. by working hard, talking, negotiating instead of throwing away our community their money

we give away the grt to the people helping the project. they are the ones that deserve the rewards.. the community! all revenues we make… are used to buy back grt. to give it away again to our supporters.

Mr Al Jhon: Since we’re community driven project. We didn’t raise any funds, ICOs or even being self funded.

Most of the GRT tokens supply being distributed to our community, partners and exchanges.

Mr Hubert: What does Golden Ratio plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Mr Sweet_memory: Golden Ratio project will still continue to create new partners to be known by their community.

We having an Ambassador’s program, currently looking for 5 members on each country to represent. To introduce GRT as a whole for any events and social interaction.
There are still some spots available

At the moment, at least once per week. Were conducting an AMA to represent ourselves to any community around the globe.

Currently the team is working on setting up a GRT market pair for stimulating the collaboration between the projects …

Segment 2: Free-asking

Question 1. What are your plans in terms of marketing and business partnerships in order to create value to the token? What advantage do I get for holding your token in long term?

a lot of our marketing is done by our community and through partnerships. our community builds our community together. we focus on partnerships with other projects and we implement use cases from other projects. So we are unique in our approach. I believe a crypto project is all about the community supporting it. community brings the opportunities.

Question 2. Golden Ratio Token is a community-driven project. What do Golden Ratio Token think if you guys build a charity to support and donate in your hometown in the near future?

Charity is one of the use cases we are looking at. And how to implement this in a healthy way. one option here we are looking into is to see for a partnership with another project that is doing good things for others.

Question 3. As you move forward through your route, what is your most important next priority?Does the Golden Ratio team have enough fundamentals (Funds, Community, ect) to achieve those milestones?

Next priority is build up usecases more for GRT. We welcome any third party partners where we can utilize their protocol or platform as a way to use GRT tokens.

We continue to build good relations to our community, partners and exchanges by supporting one another. We believe in this method we got wide range of opportunities for Golden Ratio.

Question 4. Does management have an effective system in place to model, manage, and balance risks and opportunity cost and is the company prepared for unforeseen exposure to cryptocurrencies?

To start with, what are the risks? For the fact that the project did not solicit funds from the public in terms of ico OR ieo, a lot of pressure has been taken off the team. The project will grow at its pace. In the light of this, there is no risk, per se.
Opportunities abound. There is cooperation with other service providers, GRT is a base pair for some projects, there are use cases being implemented. So I can say that GRT is a well thought out project with huge potentials

Question 5. Will you abandon the project after “The evaluation”? What would be your next goals?

No we will continue to build the project. my next goal is to setup a GRT market against other projects we support. like bsov/grt. Also marketplace launched by AER.. and many other surprises

Question 6. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold $GRT token in a long term investment and What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

Were an open-source project and we make sure our community knows where we at from developments, collaborations, Proposals and other progress.

Some of the community got different skillset with development and were open for any type of proposal which would benefit the project.

Demands will come naturally and flow of the supply will continue to be distribute by our community.

Question 7. What can I do to become an active promoter of a project? Can I do it for the Vietnamese community?

Of course , as I have mentioned before we have *ambassador program* running .
Still some spots available .
We would appreciate if you can promote us to Vietnam community , spread the words , tell them about us. . 🤗

Question 8. Why did you say “The Golden Ratio Token (GRT) project is an experiment”? Can I trust the GRT token’s potential?

It’s literally an experiment on what we could come up with a value from nothing.

We created GRT for one main reason, the power of the community and network.

I remember what Rob Loggia said (part of the Mcafee team). He mention about Golden Ratio which he was on Crypto Tonight Show. This is like a thesis and trying to come up with a value for a period of time.

Question 9. for example the project of GRT continues to decrease without any increase, what do you do when faced with this situation, do you delete the project and make a project again or hold events like AMA and other programs? what your answer?

We’re not quitting. we chose for a small supply. it makes it easier to maintain our tokenomics that way. And we proven we can build without funding. this skill we will always have

Question 10. What is the problem you are trying to solve with Golden Ratio Token? What differences Golden Ratio Token from any other existing token?

# we want to solve the problem where projects waste their money. so we pointed out what can be achieved without funding.

Again, don’t forget to join the Golden Ratio community for further assistance. Thanks everyone.
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