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10 min readApr 4, 2022

Mr Hubert: Hello everyone,

Only 1 minutes left and the AMA event of RageFan will be started

The representative for Vietnam Coin Market (VCM) is Admin Owner @taitan296 who will run AMA and RageFan project’s representative is @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport.

Translator: @nguyetvcm

Vietnam Coin Market Group (VCM) will be locked to make the event convenient.

After Segment 3 of the Vietnam Coin Market group will be opened a chat so that the community can ask the project.

How’s everything going?

Again, it’s been my greatest pleasure to announce today’s special AMA session


Today’s AMA session is composed of 4 parts:

✔️ Part 1 — Welcome

✔️ Part 2 — Q&A

✔️ Part 3 — Questions on Twitter — Guest will choose the 5 best questions from this Tweet:

🏆 Total Prize: $50 RAGE

✔️ Part 4 — Free — asking: the guests will choose about 5 good questions to answer:

🏆 Total Prize: $50 RAGE

Craving for the question rain ahead after I unmute the group. Let’s get the curtain roll-up and welcome @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport.

Mr Satheesh: Hello Everyone!

Mr Praisudi: Hi everyone, excited to be here for the AMA.

Mr Hubert: Hello. It’s a pleasure to all of you who participated in the AMA today.

Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

Mr Praisudi: I am Praisudi and head the DFS & Scramble products at RageFan. An MBA grad with 12+ years of experience in Marketing and Product Management across corporates and startups. Have more than 3 years of experience in blockchain projects and managing products.

Mr Satheesh: Satheesh, 27 years in tech and business. Firm believer in decentralisation and community value creation. Have been in fairly senior and global roles in previous organizations. Founder and CEO of RageFan. The first and most promising Daily Fantasy Sport and Game System called Scramble

Mr Hubert: How wonderful, sir. The VCM audience is also eager to study RageFan project.

Looking forward to have our audiences to know more about the project and the views.

Let’s get to the first question we’d like to know from you.

What makes the RageFan project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

Mr Praisudi: Rage Fan DFS app is providing a unique and absolute fan-first decentralised experience to the users by empowering them to play fantasy sports on blockchain. Rage Fan aims to bring transparency to fantasy sports through the blockchain.

Mr Satheesh: We are clear about 2 things that will be why our project will succeed -

1. We are about the community

2. We are about long term value creation

Mr Praisudi: Similarly Scramble brings crypto and NFTs to the hyper casual gaming segment..

The objective is for the users and community to get better value via decentralisation.

Mr Hubert: Thank you, we could give some mins for our audiences to read more about the comment.

We will come to the next question:

Who are some business partners/clients for RageFan?

Mr Praisudi: Apart from our investors and Polygon chain on which DFS and Scramble runs, we are actively partnering with Gaming guilds, Token issuers and Game developers.

Gaming guild’s scholars can benefit from easy to play and win hypercasual games. Indigg has officially partnered with us.

Token issuers such as HID, DHC, UFarm and others have launched their tokens in P2E model, giving their token utility and also reaching Scramble users

Mr Satheesh: We are a B2C marketplace where the vision is to build a Uniswap of Daily Fantasy Sports & Hyper Casual Game ecosystems. The idea is to enable anyone with any token on any chain to be able to play these seamlessly and in a manner where there is complete confidence

We have 25+ hypercasual games from different developers.

Anyone who is interested in partnering for the gaming platform can reach us.

Mr Hubert: Thanks for your sharing. We continue to spend some time with VCM audiences and Mrs Nguyet again.

Can’t wait any longer. I think the audience is wanting to learn more about the project:

What are the memorable milestones of RageFan in the research and development process?

Mr Praisudi: We are one the marque project who has successfully launched the mobile app for Android, ios and web platforms for DFS. The platform supports Cricket, Football and Basketball fantasy games.

In addition to our envisioned DFS product we have launched Scramble and successfully scaled the hypercasual gaming segment.

As we scale to next level the platform will become self sustaining and easy for various partners to onboard seamlessly.

Mr Satheesh: Should we explain Daily Fantasy Play?

This is a platform that allows people to create their own teams for day to day sports matches — Cricket, Football (EPL, Bundelsliga etc, can be for vietnam team contests as well 🙂 ) and NBA — 3 sports for now — and compete for teams that others create in a contest. The actions of real players on the field of play generate points for each of the teams and that is used to generate the leaderboard for pool to be distributed

@praisport You want to add anything more? Maybe a link to content we think could be useful?

Mr Praisudi: Download Scramble App Now:



Download the RageFan App




These are links to our application please try out.

Community, if you would like to learn more about Rage Fam, here are some useful links for you:

Discord: <>

Telegram: <>

Twitter : <>

Website: <>

Instagram: <>

LinkedIn: <>

Facebook: <>

YouTube: <>

Reddit: <

Mr Hubert: Feeling quite excited about this project, sir. I think everyone will love it and support it as well.

We to the last question of the Q-A segment:

What does RageFan plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

Mr Praisudi: RageFan is having various rewards and prizes for DFS during the IPL season which is a premier T20 league in India. Apart from these we regularly announce prediction and various other competitions. We had referral programmes and social media marketing done. As the platform scales there will more activities.

We are also partnering with gaming guilds who have ready players who can participate and win. Also DFS and supports multiple tokens. This allows larger segment of users in polygon network to benefit.

Soon we will have some announcements from Polygon Studio to promote RageFan among Dapps in Polygon.

Mr Hubert: How wonderful, sir. VCM will make a small contribution to the project support. Nice to do this. 😊

The last question is already done. Thank you @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport for bringing the above useful information.

#1. Play to Earn games are becoming more popular, however most of the existing games that use this concept are too expensive for newbies. Will your games be affordable and accessible to the general public, or have you taken any steps to appeal to a wider audience?

This is so close to our heart!! One of the reasons we have stayed away from NFT driven gaming ecosystem is that exact specific reason. While it allows for higher reward opportunities it also excludes a majority of the population.

To address this specific opportunity is why we have build Scramble — It allows players to come in and play for Free as well as Pay to Play (you earn lesser in Play for Free) and Earn models all driven by direct token ownership.

The Earn part is supported by the use of Advertisement revenue which will support market token buy and redistribution for the gamers. The whole idea is to help folks earn from the fact that they are the ones who are seeing the Advertisements 🙂

Most of the current P2E games provides advantage to owners with high value only. Hypercasual games are simpler to play. There are various models for users to play.

1. Pay to play

2. Tournaments

3. Free Play

#2. Earning in the game is important, but with me that having fun while earning is also important.

To what extent does your focus on the entertaining aspects of the game?

What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

Keep the games fun and easy is the DNA of Scramble. As mentioned previously the games are hypercasual in nature. Some of the games are Carrom, Tetris, Bubble blaster, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders which we have played as kids. These are short games which can be played within a few minutes. There is no learning curve needed as other large format core games.

And just as we type this out, we have released on Beta so players can experience these games on Web and still earn tokens!

Only the rewards are in crypto which makes transactions easier and secure. Would recommend everyone to download Scramble and try out the games, it should answer the question

#3. I want to know what makes this project stand out, what makes it different from other projects that might be similar. Also, what is your maximum potential? And what are the outstanding features of your Project and how do you attract customers?

The first part is answered earlier. As far as potential goes, we are in a growing stage and the market size is still extremely large to capture. DFS has significant potential in Asian and European markets. As we bring in different formats of Fantasy sports western part of the world can also come onboard.

Scramble and hypercasual gaming has significant potential across all demographics. We would be soon announcing our plans in our official channel.

#4. Could you tell us a little about @RageFanSocial greatest achievements last month, what are @RageFanSocial

working on right now? What are the main thoughts you want to convey through today’s AMA?

We have achieved more than 10000 registered users in DFS and 25000 users in Scramble. As we scale we will more games and features coming to the platforms.

We have just launched the web version of our Scramble app and soon multi chain support will be announced.

Through this AMA we would like the Vietnam Coin Market community to try both DFS and Scramble. Share their feedback and refer their friends. Ultimately enjoy the contests and have fun.

#5. Many blockchain games today set high costs to start the game and therefore start with a small player base. Does your game have an entrance fee or starting conditions & if so, what are they? Do I need to hold an blockchain or certain amount in order to enjoy and play the game?

Part of the question was answered earlier. We different modes of games for DFS and Scramble.

DFS — every contest has a fee and winning structure which can seen in the contest after selecting a match. Occasionally we do have free contests.

Scramble -

Pay to Play to win — In this the user pays a fee and depending on the score the user gets the reward in same token as fee paid.

Tournament — User pays a fee and play unlimited within the time period to come on top of the leaderboard

Free — No fee charged.

Fee value and token will mentioned in the game and user can check and decide before playing

For now we are supporting Polygon. Soon more networks would be added.

Mr Hubert: Thank you @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport for bringing the above useful information.

Next, the Vietnam Coin Market Community will open a chat for the community to ask questions to the project. We will have 120s to ask. The RageFan project will then choose 5 questions to answer.



Let’s give some mins for @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport to choose 5 questions to answer.

@SatheeshAnanth, @praisport, you may proceed now.

Question 1. Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?

Tokens are available in Gate, Dfyn, Pancake Swap and Bitbns.

✅ Contract address on Matic Network for $RAGE*: 👇*


✅ Contract Address on Eth Network for $RAGE*: 👇*


✅ Contract Address on BSC Network for $RAGE*: 👇*


Question 2. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Discord: <>

Telegram: <>

Twitter : <>

Website: <>

Instagram: <>

LinkedIn: <>

Facebook: <>

YouTube: <>

Reddit: <

Question 3. Most projects are now abandoned in the middle of their operations due to a lack of sustainability and incapacity to support expansion in a market that is wildly shifting. How will you be able to deal with market fluctuations in an efficient manner?

RageFan is the only project in recent times to have fully completed its promise in the whitepaper and launched an additional project Scramble. We significant interest from community and our userbase is continuously growing. We are here for the long run.

Question 4. The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your Project to change quickly and keep pace with technology trends? What is your long-term vision for the forecasting industry in which the your Project project operates?

The project is built on a robust technology and flexible to support multiple token and multi chain. We have strong and dedicated technical team who are provided updated, new features and support.

Question 5. Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

The DFS and Scramble platforms are built to be self sustaining and revenue generating.

In DFS the contest participation is via fees and a small portion is taken as charges for RageFan. Similarly there are multiple revenue streams in Scramble. Fee commission, Advertisements, NFT sale, Royalties, etc.

Mr Hubert: Thank you @praisport for replying to the community.

So the AMA RageFan at Vietnam Coin Market (VCM) is also coming to an end. Hopefully in this direct exchange, the community has a basic understanding of the RageFan project. I am the moderator today. Congratulations to the RageFan.

Thanks @SatheeshAnanth, @praisport for joining AMA with the VCM community today. Wish you much health and success.

Again, don’t forget to join the RAGE FAN community for further assistance. Thanks everyone.

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Mr Praisudi: Thanks for the organisers from VCM and enthusiastic community. It was wonderful.



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