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Mr Hubert: Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?
[VN] Bạn có thể giới thiệu ngắn gọn về bản thân cũng như dự án của bạn?
Mr Max: Hi, my name is Max! I represent Nimiq at events and conferences and I'm also responsible for reaching out to new partners for our ecosystem. I also give interviews and answer questions about Nimiq, like for example in this interview with crypto youtuber Satoshi Sean: My job is to look for for new exciting partners and opportunities and always focus on creating value for the Nimiq ecosystem and the NIM users!
Mr Hubert: What is Nimiq? What is the difference between Nimiq and other projects?
[VN] Nimiq là gì? Sự khác biệt giữa Nimiq và các dự án khác là gì?
Mr Richy: Nimiq is a payment coin and is the only coin with full decentralization and no censorship resistance, because it allows every user to connect directly to the blockchain network. Go to and see it for yourself! No installation, no complication and using the safest more direct way to connect to a blockchain.
Well, our most important partnership is the one with TEN31 Bank (, a fully licensed German Bank. Nimiq and TEN31 have a close collaboration and a shared vision. With TEN31, a whole ecosystem of partners, like Salamantex, Zilliqa etc. joins in too. We recently launched our microsite for Nimiq OASIS:

Other important partnerships for Nimiq are:
- Trust Wallet has already agreed to integrate Nimiq staking. As the official wallet of Binance they are a pretty big player in the space!
- can be used to buy gift cards for companies like Uber and Starbucks (Read more:
- This partnership helps us bring blockchain tech to the charity sector. Kindhumans is an Ethical marketplace co-founded by one of the early employees at GoPro.
- MagnumWallet supports Nimiq with their non-custodial web wallet.
- Icemining is a coin-agnostic pool service and is interested in running a Nimiq Validator as well.

And besides that, we have many other interesting and promising partnerships in the making that can't be disclosed yet, but stay tuned for further updates!
Mr Hubert: What are the memorable milestones of Nimiq in the research and development process?
[VN] Các cột mốc đáng nhớ của Nimiq trong quá trình nghiên cứu và phát triển là gì?
Mr Sven: Ah ok, that's going to be a bigger one...
In the early days, the three biggest milestones for Nimiq were of course: The first running first version in mid 2017, then the Testnet end of 2017 followed by the Mainnet launch in early 2018!

Then after that, we opened our Swag Shop to showcase how Nimiq as payment system works.

In 2019 Nimiq achieved many major milestones, here are the most important ones:
- Released a new website at
- Released a brand new version of the Nimiq Keyguard and Hub. The secure app that allow your browser to execute transactions safely.
- Accquired a share in TEN31 and developed a close partnership
- Invented what could be the fastest PoS algorithm out there: Albatross! Here is the technical paper that four of our team members Philipp, Pascal, Marvin and Bruno wrote
- Released a crypto checkout plugin for WordPress.
- Got integrated with Bidali to provide gift cards
- Got integrated with Binance's TrustWallet
- Released a new Browser-first whitepaper for Nimiq 2.0
- Announced Nimiq OASIS, Nimiq's unique fiat-crypto bridge

Now we're working intensively on Nimiq 2.0 that is going to revolutionize the blockchain world. The future is full of challenges and oportunities, the more the network matures, the more we want to expand our field tests, getting the technology to people that need it. I personally think this is going to be the biggest challenge apart from technical aspect.
Mr Hubert: What does Nimiq plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?
[VN] Nimiq dự định làm gì để thu hút nhiều người dùng hơn trong thời gian tới?
Mr Richy: We have been doing every AMA we can find, reaching out to youtubers and journalists interested in our product, getting new project reviews and adding partners to the Nimiq Ecosystems. Take a look at this video for example
Some exciting news are about to be dropped but I cannot tell much about it now, you will have to stay tuned to

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