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6 min readMay 10, 2022

Mr Hubert: Hello everyone,

Only 15 minutes left and the AMA event of WEBUY will be started

The representative for Vietnam Coin Market (VCM) is Admin Owner @taitan296 who will run AMA and WEBUY project’s representative is @webuy_isha.

Translator: @nguyetvcm

Vietnam Coin Market Group (VCM) will be locked to make the event convenient.

After Segment 3 of the Vietnam Coin Market group will be opened a chat so that the community can ask the project.

How’s everything going?

Again, it’s been my greatest pleasure to announce today’s special AMA session


Today’s AMA session is composed of 4 parts:

✔️ Part 1 — Welcome

✔️ Part 2 — Q&A

✔️ Part 3 — Questions on Twitter — Guest will choose the 5 best questions from this Tweet:

🏆 Total Prize: 50 USDT

✔️ Part 4 — Free — asking: the guests will choose about 5 good questions to answer:

🏆 Total Prize: 50 USDT

Craving for the question rain ahead after I unmute the group.

🆘 Winners must:

✴️Follow Twitter

✴️Join Telegram

Let’s get the curtain roll-up and welcome @webuy_isha.

Q — A

Question 1. Could you briefly introduce about yourselves as well as your project?

My name is Isha and I am BD for WEBUY platform. It’s truly an honor to meet all of you today. I have been in the blockchain field for the last four years and since then I was involved in several blockchain projects that handled Defi, NFT, and Layer 2. Among all of them, I was very fascinated by how NFT is changing the blockchain scene and that’s why I joined Webuy. I believe as the NFT market grows, the fractionization will shine.

WeBuy platform provides Fractionization, DaoBuy, Staking, LP Farming, and Governance functions. A total of five functions are important elements that make up the flawless WeBuy ecosystem, and each of them provides an unprecedented service to users through interaction. We intend to provide additional rewards using non-fungible assets by providing the NFTFi function that combines NFT + Defi beyond simple NFT ownership.

Question 2. What makes the WEBUY project stand out more than the projects in the same direction at the moment?

It is difficult for small investors to purchase NFTs through NFT auctions. In the case of NFT auctions, usually expensive pieces are sold, so only a small number of investors can purchase the asset. However, the advent of fractional NFTs has opened up more opportunities for small investors gathered into DAO in NFT markets that were previously exclusive to a few.

WeBuy is also the only fractional service that provides Klaytn-based services. Ethereum-based NFT has the disadvantage of taking a long transaction time and expensive fees. Webuy will take advantage of Klaytn’s fast speed, scalability, and low fees to improve platform usability and execution. In fact, MATIC and KIP-based NFTs have been attracting investors’ attention recently.

Question 3. Who are some business partners/clients for WEBUY?

Fractionization makes it possible for multiple people to jointly own a single NFT, and since high profile NFTs can cost millions of dollars, joint purchases through fractionization not only make it easier to own expensive NFTs, but also it has the effect of providing liquidity to the NFT market. Thus our customers are those who wish to purchase a fraction of high profile NFTs.

Question 4. What are the memorable milestones of Webuy in the research and development process?

While we were planning and developing Webuy, we witnessed NFT projects such as BAYC and Cryptopunk becoming huge, which made the need for Webuy more felt in this market. We predict that more such large NFT projects will be launched in the future, and the need for services such as Webuy will naturally increase.

Question 5. What does WEBUY plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?

First of all, we are planning various events at the same time as our service opening. To reveal a little bit about one event, we plan to airdrop NFTs unique to our platform by lottery among users who fractionized their NFTs using our platform. We are currently thinking a lot about the benefits of this NFT, but I think everyone can look forward to it.

Question on Twitter

Question 1. What are #WebuyOfficial current main plans for the crypto market? What stage are you in the market for at the moment? How did the team handle some of the market difficulties and challenges to meet market demands when building a project?

From @Kim_Le_41

Webuy’s first goal is to help the NFT community understand the new way of buying NFTs in fractions. I think our mission is to propose a new method to those who hesitate because the price of NFTs they want to buy is too high, or to those who want to own multiple NFTs.

So, we are currently in the first stage of development, and I think we will be able to introduce fractionated NFTs to you soon.

Question 2. In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination of the doubts of investors / partners / customers?

from: @DrwyneJ

The Webuy service is a service that allows you to maximize the value of your NFT. The NFT market is growing every day, and it is now easily accessible in real life. Therefore, the Webuy service that will lead a field in the NFT market will be with you for a long time, not a short term.

Question 4. COVID-19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development

From: @Pat6105

Covid has had a huge impact on our lives. It is true that there are many difficulties from general students to large corporations. Fortunately, however, the growth of the blockchain market has not stopped. Rather, it is true that it has risen rapidly. In this situation, we are also preparing for development and service according to the roadmap.

Question 5. What is the business model of #WebuyOfficial How does it works? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting?

from: @ILoveYouSimu

Our business model is to operate the service in the long term, to allow many users to use it, and to acquire the service usage fee generated as a result. Our main target is NFT users in the Klaytn ecosystem, and we plan to support more mainnets in the future.

Freeasking Segment

#1. How do I get the latest updates about your project? And where can I get more important information?

From: @Hujaifa75

You can find our latest updates on our Telegram, Twitter, and Medium.

Below is out SNS channels, so feel free to join to receive latest updates

Telegram Chat:

Telegram Ann:



#2. What kinds of services does Webuy provide to us?

WeBuy platform provides Fractionization in the first phase of the development. The basic principle of Fractionization is a structure in which the NFT owned by the owner is deposited in the Vault created in the platform and customized tokens are issued using the deposited NFT as collateral. The tokens issued in this way become the shares of NFT, and buyers can then sell their tokens through the Trade or Reserve Sale function.

#3. How can I buy fractionalized NFTs?

If you select the NFT you want in the platform, you can see the swap function. If the original owner of the NFT does not provide liquidity, fraction tokens cannot be purchased, but can be purchased while liquidity is supplied.

#4. Can I sell the divided NFT ownership that I bought?

Yes, fractional can be traded at Dex. In addition, if it is sold at a higher price than the pre-division price, it is possible to share the profit. You can check our official Gitbook about this in detail.

#5. How to make a profit from fractional? Is it different from any other NFT marketplaces?

The profit structure is not different. Investors should buy fractions when the price is low and sell it after the price rises. However, I think it is more accessible because it has a lower entry barrier and easier transactions than other markets that have to trade one NFT.

#6. Doesn’t splitting the NFT lower its value?

Because frational is a system that sells a single NFT in multiple pieces, it has the same value for the entire NFT. Rather, as the value of fractional increases, the value of the entire NFT increases. This can positively affect the valuation of the market.

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